I like a guy who I've known for a year but never spoke to. Would it be weird if I did it so late now?

Recently we've had a few conversations and I've caught him in situations where he is looking for me. What exactly does it mean if a guy notices you like that?


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  • Some of my best relationships developed with people that don't stand out right away. It is only when I have been around them for a while and then I start to notice them (their personality). I become more attracted to them. I say he might be interested. To keep talking to him, but don't stalk him. Just be yourself --mabye compliment him on something --like a haircut or his shirt, but do it casually. He might take this as his window to ask you to hang out. Just don't ask him out. If he wants to he will. Just give him the opportunity to ask and show him you like him by just being nice when he is around and like I said compliment him (if he plays sports compliment him on something he did, etc.). Good luck

    • if he wants to ask her out, he will. the logic fails, because same thing goes for her. if she wants to ask him out, she will.

    • Not really... traditionally and still in practice when it comes to attraction, it is the male who does the asking. She can ask if she wants, but it is a better bet to show him she is open to it and wait for him to ask.