Help me here decide whether I do it or not...?

It's been now about 3 months. Of course nothing from her.

I have moved on but I still want that last closure talk, I was never clear why she made her decision and judging how she has cut me like if I hurt her or cheated on her or wtf seriously... all I did was show her my true love and respect and what do I get?

Not even a last face to face conversation, all she has done was avoid and avoid. block and block... and ZERO contact.

I'm not sure whether I should send her a last email and hope she response at least, or the other option is confront her in person.

Or what do you suggest?

6 years and then be treated like this... I don't deserve this. All the reasons she broke up was pressure and lack of independence.

I sure was brained washed.

Ever since the break up which was in April 5, I did tried contacting her... I even sent her a letter and then she sent me my belongings without even a note. WTF is her deal!? I did nothing to her... she is acting very childish and unprofessional since she have a PHD in Psychology... -_-' She is acting like she is hiding something and was scared to face it. Like I give a sh... !

Anything is possible at this range.

She only thinks about her, to hell with all the love I shared with her.

Who knows... since it's been some months now, anything can happen last words from her was that she still loved me, which gives me false hopes.

Maybe her stubbornness has been lowered.

Sighs... I need to do something I can't move on until I have some answers.

I just don't know how...or if I should even tried.

*Im sure she was brained washed*

Is what I meant.


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  • You say you moved on? You have not at all. I could tell you things that you are not ready to hear but I won't. I will suggest to you though to find some dates in the meantime so you can move on.