This morning, he sent me this message. How can I respond to this?

One of my friends and I got into a huge argument a few months ago, and haven't spoken for the past 2 months. This morning, he sent me this message:

"Hey, hope you've been well.

We ended junior year on a bad note, so I just wanted to ask if we could just go back to being friends. I have always considered you are a friend, but everyone has their secrets, there's plenty of things you don't know about me. There's plenty of things I rather not talk about and I'd appreciate it if you decide not to pry into my personal life. Especially about the stuff we discussed before, I hope we can drop it and move past that. As a result I said some mean things that I didn't mean, so I'll apologize for that. It's fine if you no longer consider me a friend, but at the minimum can we get to talking terms? Otherwise I think it'll be pretty awkward for the both of us during Senior Year. Also I wasn't lying about the manipulating, I had put on a facade to "fit in", but recently I've been learning on expressing myself. As of now I'm doing my best to be myself, and trying my best not to hurt the friends around me. If you read this then thanks for your time, where we go on from here is up to you. Have a nice summer"

Urgh...what to do...


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  • He made the first move.

    If you think the both of you can forget about what happened & you want to see if you can be friends text him back with something as simple as "Hi" have a good summer see you at school in the fall.

    If you don't want to be his friend anymore don't reply.


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  • Bygones be bygones, no point in making it hard, for a guy to apologize is a big step so message him back and say something like. :"that was an all time low for us, lets forget that happened, hope to see you in the fall, take care.." and exist.

    Forgiveness is a good thing

  • well, do you want to be friends with him or not?