Any cures for "once bitten twice shy"?

So kind of had a bad few relationships with women, in the past. 2 were married (I didn't know and backed off as soon as I found out) One cheated on me and left me (blaming me for never being there) and another one wouldn't make a move despite my attempts but choose to get mad at me for dating another girl who didn't make excuses (the one who cheated on me).

I try to put all that behind me but now when I get in a situation where I am flirting with a girl and she is accepting, I want to ask her out, or even for her number, but I just hedge and choke up every time. I sucks I have 2 nice women who will come up to me and grab my attention, no matter how busy I am, but I just remember all the bad experiences and shy away.

I really want to get past this but I am not sure how, any ideas?


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  • Im dealing with this but its on they guys side. He's afraid to get close to me, in fear that he will get hurt again. Please don't take everyone for granted. Give a girl a chance. We ain't all the same. :(

    • I keep telling myself this and keep reminding myself that other girls aren't the ones that hurt me, but I can't get that fear out of my head. I guess I panic for no reason, its a block that I am trying to get over, I can say if you make a move and hope it doesn't scare him away it might help

    • i wish you luck... just don't let your nerves take over.. take a leap. If it doesn't work out, find a new hobby or call up your buds and have a guys weekend. That's what I do. But I'm hoping this works out lol

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