Have you ever liked a girl/guy?

Like really liked a girl, but not exactly attracted to her. More like you liked or loved her like a father or something. You love and want to protect her, but you aren't attracted to her?

Let me elaborate: My friend, I'll call him Genji, really attractive, nice, and sweet, we were really good friends. Anyway he would always be sweet and tender and kind and thoughtful with me all the time, and for a while I thought that he liked me.

But after facing a guy who was harassing me, it turned out that he loved me as a daughter. Like he literally said "Leave my baby girl alone". So I was a little disappointed, but then I was a little flattered Because I was getting a lot of, even though it was weird, fatherly love. But is that normal? He keeps calling me "adorable" and "cute" and he hugs me from behind, and is very protective.

I'm actually worried that if he winds up dating somebody and he acts that way with me, I might have to deal with some unwanted confrontation.

Guys what do you think? Have you ever felt that way toward a girl? Girls too? Have you ever felt that way toward a guy?

He's a close to the family and is only a year older than me


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  • Yes. I have made a number of female friends that I don't find physically attractive, but for one reason or another have looked to me as a male figure in their life. These friends generally don't have a good relationship with their father or boyfriends. I feel that my job is try and give them the unvarnished look into a male mind, including telling them when I think they are about to make a serious mistake.

    • but he's only a year older than me

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    • okay, I'll give it a shot :)

    • Alright, good luck!

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  • never happened to me

  • yeah.. many people fall into that with me.. but I've also felt more there.. idk.. it's odd to say the least :3..

    • so girls act like mothers to you? do you have any experiences where you felt protective over your friend?

    • Well, sister like.. I've had strangers I became very close with who acted like a father or mother to me. but they were more than twice my age.. I've never really had any close personal relationships with my biological parents although I've lived with them.. military life messed with it. I'm not protective in the way you may think.

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  • yeah there is one guy, we talk a lot and about all kinds of things and I ask for his opinion on stuff and it is really nice! I am totally not attracted to him, don't know why not but I know I'm not, and he isn't attracted to me either. we're just really good buds and we both generally have trust issues with people, but we have been friends from the very beginning when we met four years ago, so we have a lot of history and we're really close. he's like a big brother to me! and a better one than my real big brother let me tell you that...and when I tell him about random or weird guys he either tells me he'll beat them up or what I should do next. it's actually really perfect to have an opposite-sex best friend! you learn so much!

    and yes, I agree with theDigitalsaint: your guy may just like you as more of a "little sister/daughter" type. baby girl doesn't always translate to daughter by the way. he may just have started saying baby and then added the girl x) but no seriously, he does sound very clingy and into you. good luck :)

  • Yes, I really like this one boy as a brother. We text a lot and hangout! I always have a lot of fun with him, but we both don't feel attracted to each other like SO's. He's my little brother and I'm his older sister.

    And we're going to go see a movie together tonight! :)

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