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So my first crush ever was drunk this one night at her going away party,(sounds like a fairy tale already, huh?)I wasn't planning on even going to this party really, then my brother whose her co-worker texts me saying that she really wants me come.

When she sees me, I swore she brightened up(of course that was probably just the alcohol that exaggerated her expression). And it was just so strange, she was like "do you hate me? we have to hang out!( she's going to the same college)" and "I'm so drunk but don't tell anybody!" (LOL!) And I'm thinking this is too good to be true lol ...idk she was really cool and funny and sweet that night. In my mind, She was just drunk; and I wanna keep it just like that ..sorta...

now lets add a little background cause I bet you guys are a bit confused. I liked her from 1st grade up until like 7th grade; I kissed her on the cheek while we were dancing; she apparently freaked; I was humiliated lol and I haven't talked to her in 5 years.

It was weird because I didn't really care that much. and 5 years later, but I guess it was my brothers doing?lol its all weird


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  • talk to her