Girls is this creepy? I need some advice

Let's say you've known this guy since 2009 but he hasn't talked to you in months (well let's say half a year). You know he likes you and you had feelings for him before (not sure now). He's on vacation but you're at college because you start classes early.

But he suddenly appears at college and says he came to see you.

Would you find this repulsive/creepy? If you weren't sure you liked him, how would you react?

Would it be better if I went to college normally and look like I bumped into her? Or should I really go out of my way to see her now before she's taken?

So two choices:

1a. See her now. I'm not supposed to be at college but I go out of my way to see her and tell her that I've come to do an assignment (seems like I'm lying but I won't look as needy or desperate) OR

1b. I tell her that I came to see her (I risk being as seen needy or desperate)

2. Just bump into her later when I'm actually studying at college and take it casually/don't act needy or desperate.

So, girls, what should I do? 1a, 1b or 2? Or any other suggestions?



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