I still love her but what should I do?

So in previous post I been having problems with my now called ex. I don't understand why she keeps trying to make me jealous. She will be nice on one day and hug me and flirt ten the next call me flipping crap on me because me and some girls are hanging out but then tell everyone we are done for sure. And he asked for space but she keeps texting me and all she does is hang with guys now we been token up 5 days, and she promised me not o throw down all the notes on her wall and hang with guys and flirt but she clearly is... I still love her but what should I do?


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  • Tell her that you still like her a bit (don't say love or you risk that she gets and idea that what she did worked) , but that she is behaving like crazy. "Stop that!" might be in place. And watch if she can control herself. If not, consider to move on. It is hard to deal with that.