Should I confront this guy or not?

I'm 22 and my girlfriend is 21, there is this 27 year old guy who talks to my girlfriend. My girlfriend said to him, "I love my boyfriend"(me) so he tells her "We should hang out sometime besides I can't hit on a girl who's already in love be we should hang out sometime." I feel like something fishy is going on what do I do


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  • Your job as her manfriend is to protect her, ask her how she feels about this and if she would like you to talk to him.


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  • guys do that to me to, they will tell me we should hang but I tell them I'm in love with my boyfriend they don't care, and it really bothers me. I would love for my boyfriend to talk to them or make it known that its not OK to hit on me

    • My girlfriend tells them she has a boyfriend, but then they keep flirting then I get involved

  • Yeah, talk to him and let him know that you two are happy together and you would appreciated if he would stop coming on to your girlfriend.

    • My girlfriend's brother told me to let her talk to him.

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    • There is another guy who told me to stop getting jealous because my girlfriend can speak up for herself and I don't need to speak for her but even though I know my girlfriend won't cheat or leave me I hate when other guys talk to her

    • Well your friend has a valid point but there is no reason for you not stand up for her

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