Camp boy - date or no?

I spent last Summer completely head over heels for this guy. Now, we're back in the same place but it feels like he's into me...

Last Summer, I was a voulenteer at the camp and he was on staff - relationships would have been forbidden. This summer however, we are both on staff (he's head counsellor and I'm a counsellor) and relationships are okay.

During this past week (staff training) he has found many excuses to sit next to me at meals "Oh I haven't sat at the middle table yet!" and we are back to talking about everything and hugging and texting late at night (from different cabins).

Should I go for it? If so, how do I make my move? I don't want to ruin our friendship if he doesn't feel the same way - but at the same time I don't want to waste the summer with feelings...

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This past week, he came out to the porch to eat with me and a problem camper. He'd make me meals if he knew I didn't eat AND he soaked me with the hose. He was also super touchy.

I'm taking all of this as he's into me... but what if it's just part of his job?


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  • If you feel he's into you then...he is!

    Ask him nice and simple. Do you like me? in the middle of a conversation.

    You will get your answer.

    • Thanks! I'm just not 100% sure if he is because he's a fairly open/flirty person... he seems to be more so with me though.

      I don't want to ruin our friendship/work relationship :(

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