Why would he suddenly stop texting me?

I was texting this guy I met at camp last summer semi-regularly. I was getting some vibes from him that he was interested in me, which made me happy. (Because I was, too :3)

He isn't going again this year, so I was gonna try and go visit him before camp started. (He lives in New York, where the camp is, I live in Florida.) But after I told him that our plans aren't gonna work out after all, he seemed very upset, and stopped texting me.

I've tried to start a conversation a couple times since then, but he hasn't replied. :(

Why could this be? I hope this doesn't have some obvious answer that I'm missing.

Sorry if the description is a little long.
So, it turned out his phone just broke XD


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What Guys Said 1

  • Guys can be pretty shallow and transitory. I don't think you lost out on anything!

    • That was the answer? His phone? Did you and he end up getting together?

    • No, but we're friends and talk occasionally. I'm underage so it would just be pretty hard to keep track of a relationship from so far away

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he just doesn't wanna talk to you anymore.

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