What's going on with my girlfriend? Please help me!

Recently my girlfriend acts kinda like she never wants to talk to me anymore. When I text her, she'll always text back hours later, and when she does, she'll just randomly stop texting me without saying bye. She never even texts me first either. I always have to text her first. Also, we used to always talk on the phone instead of text. We would talk for hours and it was great. Now we haven't talked for about a month because she always says she can't and comes up with an excuse. A few days ago she asked me how I felt "about us". I sent her a long text telling her how I love her and I miss her but I won't give up on her. Then I asked her the same question. She said she was losing interest and I was starting to feel more like a friend. I had to go do something so I told her we'll talk about it later. Later, I texted her and asked what was wrong. This time she just said something about not kissing as often, and how she wanted to keep it special instead of just doing it every time we saw each other. I could understand that, so I told her I understand and we'll only kiss when its actually romantic. Then we just went back to a normal conversation like we used to have before she started acting like she didn't like me as much. That was the only good conversation we'd had in a long time. She still hasn't said anything else about how she was losing interest and that worries me a lot. I really don't want to lose her. I love her SO much. Yesterday, I asked her when we could go on a date since we haven't seen each other since school got out. She said she busy all weekend and didn't know when she had time.

I'm just so worried about losing her. We've been dating for 7 months and have never argued at all or anything. I can remember perfectly when I asked our out, the first time I told her I loved her, and our first kiss.

I'm really sorry my stories so long, but Please help me!


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