GUYS, do you let your girlfriend have guy friends?

Guys, do you let your girlfriends have guy friends? Why or why not?Can your girlfriend go out with her guy friends or are they just allowed to talk on the phone? How do I ask my guy if I can have guy friends? He's very insecure, do you think he will agree to this?


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  • I would expect the same rights and responsibilities that I would want with women friends. For instance:

    * It's fine to have friends in a workplace (where's she's working). Or go out for food or a snack with them -- preferably not alone. Why not alone? Because it sends out the wrong signals when a couple of the opposite gender is alone... and I wouldn't do it either.

    * She can go out with them (in a group), specially if they're going along with their families or partners (just to keep this a group thing, and avoid the wrong connotations).

    * When it comes to phone and personal discussions, I have no problem. Of course, the context is the issue. If she's talking about work or something professional, it's fine by me. If it's a question of basic chit-chatting, then she would be better off doing it with girls or with me. The same rules apply for me. I talk to women in work situations and as equals, but not just as one-on-one friends. That's what partners are for... otherwise don't be in a relationship.

    • You have so many valid points, I have a question though, what do you do when you have more guy friends than girlfriends? I have more guy friends than girls but my guy doesn't like it. Because I don't have many girls to talk to, I am usually by myself and don't have many people to go out with. What do you suggest I do?

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    • I'm not suggesting you leave him... (because I've too stuck on with a tough partner for a number of reasons). But don't expect it to come easy. You'll have to work on it, check on the Net for a lot of symptoms and responses that help you and him understand each other. Expect him to not give in easily, and not understand easiliy.

      Anyway, I'm not one of those who believes in running out of a relationship at the slightest pretext. We need to give it a serious chance to work. He might be good.

    • Yea you're right. I will keep trying with him. Thanks I appreciate all your help.

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  • Yes, as far as the one going out with guy friends

    As long my girlfriend is not alone with a guy friend/s then yes

    • Why do you say she can't be alone?

    • Here's my opinion about that situation

      what if that guy suddenly takes advantage of my girlfriend when they are alone?

      Who knows what could happen.

    • That's true, so you wouldn't let her go out to a public place with him? Do you go out with them both?

  • Sure why not? Its not like I'm that insecure.

    • So only insecure guys have a problem with this?

    • pretty much that or their just controlling.

    • Good way to look at it, thanks

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  • I have some guy friends and if a guy I'm with can't deal with it, that is his problem.

  • only an insecure or controlling guy would have a problem with it

    • Yea my guy is insecure, but I wish he wasn't because I would like to have guy friends

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