Should I be mad about this or should this be my sign to gtfo?

So, me and this girl are going to a concert tomorrow. I asked her to come with me and possible some others. Now it ends up being just me her and her girlfriend.

last week she asked if I would take a hotel for that night of if I'd take the last train home. Last it was just me and her and we took a hotel (nothing happened). I told her that it depended what they would do, if they didn't mind.

So today I asked her if she knew what it's going to be tomorrow and she said she would call her friend later tonight to make the final plans.

Now a funny thing happened. She responded on a Facebook post of her friend which stated that they would spend the night in a hotel and go shopping the next day. This reply was posted this morning.

Now I'm thinking to myself WTF is happening here. I asked her if she wanted to come to this concert 2. We've already visited a few concerts before together. Now she isn't telling me that they will spend the night in a hotel while we are visiting the same concert together. I mean what the hell. I'm not a mean guy, I've always told her to be honest with me. But why the hell not just tell me that she just doesn't want me to stay in a hotel with them. She has to tell me sometimes unless she is planning to ditch me during this concert.

We're not even dating or anything...


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  • It's not that serious. she probably just wanted to avoid the hotel subject because she doesn't know how you'll take it if she was like "no I don't want you in the hotel with me". sounds like a simple request but you'd be surprised at how indignant some guys act when they feel rebuffed so she's covering her ass. She's not doing anything wrong because its not really your business to know her entire itinerary of where she'll be and what she'll do.

    • I don't agree. I could have accepted a simple no. But now I feel lied to as I am the one who asked her to come with me to the concert in the first place.

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