Had any luck with online Dating?

I work an odd schedule so its hard to meet people conventionally. I am currently signed up with Chemistry and Eharmony. I have yet to have anyone respond on Chemistry and only three people on Eharmony that I was highly unattracted to. Its been 3 months and I am starting to get highly discouraged:'(


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  • Met a girl on POF three years ago, and we've been engaged for the past few months; however, we just hit some heavy turbulence.


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  • those sites are mainly used for hook ups, I wouldn't bother if I were you

    the guy is usually talking to lots of other girls and he's not emotionally invested in you

    • I would think that paying $50 a month would deter that kind of thing

    • It doesn't. that's just wishful thinking

    • Seems pointless to pay that much for a hookup when there are at least a dozen free sites for that