What is she really trying to say?

First things first we argue a lot and have broken up multiple times even her saying its definitely over only to come back. I broke up with her and she begged for a few days then I came back a few weeks later right before break and she said she doesn't want a label and to go slow for summer. She thought I would hook up with other girls and didn't want to be hurt.

I freaked out it was going too slow then yelled at her and said mean things she then said we're better off as friends and it was an unhealthy relationship, too much water under the bridge. I begged and cried and she said please I just want to be friends(even though I want more). She said "Now you know how I felt for those three weeks when you weren't there for me" Then saying I need to relax ill still be a part of her life. But that she has to do this to keep her sanity because she has anxiety problems and thinks everyone wants to hurt her

After a 3 week NC period to let her cool off I initiated small talk through text and she responded immediately and seemed happy. I brought up us again and she kept beggin to be friends when I just wanted a second chance and said I can't be just friends. Then she please don't talk to me anymore all you do is make me anxious and upset(referencing her constant anxiety again) maybe I'd be willing to be your friend if you didn't insult me from time to time but I don't wanna talk to you anymore. I accepted her friendship the next day only to have her reply, "i'll be your friend but not yet, you hurt me too much yet."

After another 12 days NC I sent her a text apologizing and saying how terrible I felt for saying those things and I'm willing to make it up to her but I understand if she can't forgive me. That was 4 days ago and she hasn't responded.


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  • Well, you can only hurt a girl so many times, before she gives up. She probably still likes you, but she feels like, It's not worth taking the chance. And chances are, you guys won't even be just friends, because.. One of you will always want to be more than friends, and it just won't work out. LIke you said, you guys fight all the time, so it wasn't a good relationship in the first place. I'm just going to get to the point. You want a second chance, She wants to be just friends, you apologized, and she never responded. Just open your eyes, she's moving on, she's getting over you, and you should probably do the same.

  • the NC is not long enough to me. it needs to be at least 5,6 months, I guess. For example, after my ex broke up with me more than 5 months, we finally are able to sit on the same table and chat like friends and more feel missing each other rather than feeling hurt.


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