The First Kiss (Of A New Relationship)! Worth the Wait?

This guy and I recently started dating and long story short? Things basically happen when you least expect them. The first time he tried kissing me, I denied him saying it was too soon and the following day was the second time, but this time he asked to kiss me goodnight and as bad as I wanted to, I did not let him ):

So now, after our first official date, he did not try to kiss me, and I brought it up to him. He said the place was not romantic was making him wait to kiss me a good thing? I'm so ready to kiss him and can only hope our first real kiss happens soon!

Does wanting to wait to kiss me show that he likes me a lot?


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  • Yep.. if this guy is really interested in you he will wait as long as he can (& it seems like he is) :). I think you did alright by making him wait cause it was "too soon" & it makes the "right" moment more special for both of you. But anyways, next time either one of you bring it up just re-assure him that you're ready now to kiss & hopefully.. he will. ;)


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  • lmaoo what are you? ten years old?

    is a kiss.. not sex.

    • Nope, much older than that. I just have strong values.

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