How can I win this girl back?

So about a year and a half ago, this girl I had known for a while really started to show interest in me, but I was with someone then. After a few weeks of us talking, I broke up with my girlfriend (I didn't break up with her for the other girl, nor did the other girl get too flirtatious with me, we respected the fact that I was in a relationship). I wanted to make something happen with this girl but I didn't say this to her, and I was still getting over a break up. After a week and a half this girl moved on and started dating another dude, but they've now broken up.

How can I win her back? I would really like to date her but am unsure if she would stiff be interested in the same.


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  • Best you can do is just talk with her. You don't have to bring up dating her. Just talk with her a friend & see what happens from there. If she seems like she's still interested than make a move.


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