How do I know I'm ready?

I feel as though I am ready to go and just enjoy myself with my friends as well as go out with friends that are male on dates...My ex and I have been broke up since mother's day...Is that bad?


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  • Of course you should go out and enjoy yourself. Life is too short to be unhappy for too long. Find a new hobby, hit the gym, update your wardrobe, get a new haircut and meet up with friends. Your ex was supposed to make you feel the happiest girl alive. If he failed in doing this, then it's your job to make yourself the happiest woman on Earth. You owe yourself alot.

    Start taking care of yourself because if you did not, who will?

    You are supposed to enjoy yourself each and everyday. Go out, smile and be happy! :)

    • That is what I thought...however when it doesn't work out like that you begin to wonder...if that makes since...

    • I understand you. You have to stop worrying and start living. Just stop thinking too much :)

    • Thank you...

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  • Why not enjoy your frredom? As long as you're not in some kind of rebound is short!

    • I do enjoy my freedom; I don't feel as though I am in a rebound funk. I just have not been out with anybody to have fun with, including my ex...crazy...

    • There's not so much fun going on out there these days, so it's not so surprising!

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  • You will know when you actually miss or enjoy those activities