When you first get someone's phone number how much contact is too much or little?

Ok, so for the first time ever I gave my number to a guy that asked me(idk I guess because this time he was my type and I was wondering what would happen if I gave my number out plus its been awhile since a guy has asked).

I don't have too much experience with "talking" to guys besides my platonic guy friends at school.The last time I had a guy's number was a year and a half ago and I messed it up plus I found out he had a girl friend-but that time I gave him my number through Facebook eventhough I added him first and didn't really know him. I didn't ever text him first eventhough I'm the one that first intiated contact,I didn't want to seem clingy or make it obvious I was inexperienced so I tried to play it cool...

Now back to today, so I met this guy on the bus and towards the end he asked me so he's kind of a total stranger.Besides his name I only know what school he goes to and I don't have a Facebook anyone so its not like I can look him up.We've only talked through texting for one day...but I had a dream that he was talking about 'doing it and how he's a virgin'...and this was before we texted.I believe dreams for tell the future or are warnings,so what could that mean?

Should I just not talk to him eventhough he's never suggested such a thing? I made a promise not to have sex until I graduate high school which is next year but should I take a chance that might tempt that?I know it may not be that serious ,but I'm usually gullable so things could escaluate in the future or something.That's one of the main reasons I try not to talk to guys as more than a friend because I want to protect myself,guess that's why I've never had a boyfriend or even a first kiss.

Sorry this is so long,thanks for reading and older girls please give me some advice since you've probably been through this.


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  • Do not text him every single day


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  • Maybe you're just not ready to date

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