What do you make of this?

Say, you have known this guy for about 10 years, including working together for a couple of years.

Over the years, you keep in contact through emails, coffee and lunches, sharing tales of holidays and photos, once or twice a year.

Then one day, you met for lunch and he greets you with a gentle hug and a quick kiss on the neck. Usually you get a kiss on te cheek. So you think to yourself , that is a bit weird. So you had lunch, chatted as normal (we always seem to have a lot to chat about).

Time to say goodbye after lunch, and he hugged you again(a firmer hug) and kissed you on the neck again, this time the kiss on the neck lingered a bit longer. You can't help but responded a wee bit. You walked away, not knowing what to say.

Communication continued as usual , no mention of the incident. Met again after couple of months, another quick kiss on the neck.

I haven't got the guts to ask him why. Should I ask or should I just let it slide ?


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  • Go ahead and ask or you are going to be left with the doubt.

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