What should I do for our first date?

I've been speaking with this guy for about a month now and have dated twice so far. First time he asked me out for lunch, next one consisted on the two of us having dinner. He told me I was in charge of organizing our third encounter so, here I am. I was thinking a fun thing would of being inviting him over to watch one of his favorite series/ movies while having pizza and drinks. Truth be told, we haven't kissed yet (not that there is a lack of chemistry, but we both seem to be pretty shy when it comes to physical contact). Hence this idea. We've talked so much already, and I feel like we need to come closer (I'm only talking bout' kissing, of course). What do you guys think? I fear he might think I'm madly in love or slutty? Needless to say neither of them is the case. I just want some sparks in between, just to make sure things are good between us. Any thoughts on it boys/ girls?

Thanks guys!

Ah, just for the record, I'm 20 myself
Meant to write "third". My bad, guess I should get some sleep


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  • I'd recommend beer. (But then again, I've heard that the legal age for that in the US is 21, and that's terrible.) Watching his favorite series is OK, but then again, he's probably seen them, and it won't be much fun for him, just to do so. Personal advice is: a drinking game of his favorite series. Alcohol takes the shyness away, and drinking games tend to be a fun way to re-watch things. If you can't think of any specific rules, I'm sure that you can find some online.

    Or, you could watch a "so-bad-it's-good" movie this way. They get better, really.

    (Personally, I recommend watching "The Room" and drinking every time someone says either "Oh, hi!", "What's going on?" or "I don't want to talk about this!" is a great thing to do. Google "The Room" and look at the reviews. It's the epitome of unintentional humor. Also, it's easily found in YouTube, if you can't find it otherwise.)


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  • Sounds like a good plan to me, add some sort of alcohol to the equation though.


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  • Old school movie date, great choice :)

    All I gotta say is pick a good one, choose wisely. Letters to Juliet was one my man picked for me, cutest thing ever <3