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My boyfriend is in the events organizing line. He meets models and different people all the time. I've learnt to trust him from the beginning. Seven years down the road, things aren't as solid as it used to be. We don't talk anymore, if you know what I mean. So I haven't seen him the last 3days. He told me where he's at and that he's with some oustation clients so he's been with them even at the hotels they're staying at etc. He didn't come home. First night away he didn't clearly state he's not coming home. Second night away, he did tell me in advance he's taking his clients to the beach hotel which is pretty far from home so I get that he will stay there with them. Should I be suspicious? How often do you expect your other half to update you on what they're up to if they're away from home and with people you don't know about?


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  • It's kinda the business he's in, being away and being with people, including girls.

    It sounds like you knew this and understood what it meant all along. But things between you have mellowed/changed somewhat and he's not as attentive to your needs? Maybe he just assumes you trust him and he doesn't need to reassure you..or maybe it's that old 7 year itch and he's scratching.

    Would it be possible for you to travel easily to where he's staying?

    WHOA!..I'm not suggesting that you spy on him. Maybe you could ask him if it would be a nice change if you drove out to meet him and have a night away from home..have some sexy fun..relight the old 'candle'..hey, the room is already paid for right? ... just a thought, of course if it wouldn't work out this time, maybe next time

    Some years ago I dated a flight attendant for quite awhile, you may have heard those stories about flight attendants, she would invite me to fly out to meet her on overnight layovers, get me free tix, it was wonderful and I never had to wonder about the trust thing...and I got to get away and enjoy some small amount of the 'glamour'..haha

    • Maybe you're right. He did ask me once in awhile to join him at the hotels when he has a free room. I know he must be feeling guilty too because he just text to take me out to dinner. I just needed to know what people think because I'm just too trusting most of the times. Thanks for the tip though.

    • You're most welcome! It sounds like he might like to show you the same courtesy my 'traveler' did. That's a good thing..:-) Enjoy your dinner!

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  • Sounds like he's hooking up with another woman, try and find out more.


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  • I bet he would like you to join sometimes because it doesn't seem like he doesn't want you around already