My boyfriend's ex keeps looking for an "in" what can I do??

I'm sick and tired of my bf's ex trying EVERYTHING she can to get to him. she would first call him, then he told her to stop, so she texts him. he blocked her calls so that they would go straight to voice mail. she even called his best friend and other friends of his just to check up on him, then to complain about him. it got so bad that he called her to yell at her to stop.

she never did stop, she kept texting him and Facebook friend requesting him. now she's calling his best friend trying to be his good friend and trying to be his best friend's girlfriend's friend too...who she's never even known really.

i'm so sick and tired of her and I tried explaining to my boyfriend that it's not cool that his best friend is still friends with someone who was so abusive and controlling to him and who would call him just to talk crap.

i'm so fed up, it's been 8 months with my boyfriend and she's still thinking that she can find an "in" and I don't know what to do. I have no respect for his best friend or his best friend's girlfriend for keeping in contact with her, and my boyfriend just sticks up for his best friend.

is there anything I can do?


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  • Yea. Stop making any reactions to her. Ignore all of it. The more you react to all this the more effect she has on you and the more your boyfriend will get sick of it also. You are letting her win.


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  • Um, yea, chill out. Don't try to come btwn him and his friend, that will blow up in your face. He has not done anything wrong. In fact, he's done A LOT from the sounds of it to get her to back off. He can't control what other people do, and neither can you. I would be pissy too, but the only thing I'd do, is when she's around, walk tall and proud on his arm and smile graciously at her. Don't let her know she's getting to you, if she's not getting a reaction from anyone, she'll quit eventually.