Guys, do you like it when a girl holds back?

Apparently there's a rule for no kisses on the 1st date or sex until a certain point in a relationship.

Guys, do y'all actually have a purpose to this madness other then figuring out if a girl is "desperate or easy"?

* Been failing in the dating scene even with great initial chemistry, conversation -- just ends up to him wanting sex even in the most innocent situations w/o innuendos

** Just to make it clear, I've only heard of these rules from my girlfriend who have been trying to set me up. These just became aware to me recently >.<


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  • I hate women that have those so called rules, I go with the flow. If it feels right, go where the feeling lead you.

    I don't race things from the start, time and experience have tough me to take the time to get to know someone a bit before jumping in bed with them. I have learned to listen to the little voice that is inside, if something does not seem right to ask questions.

    We all want to connect with someone, and not liking being alone can have you doing crazy things and being with someone you don't really want to be with.

    Make friends with yourself, and you will not be afraid of being alone. Yes it can be lonely at times, but being lonely for a time is a lot better than being with someone that uses,hurts or takes advantage of you.

    Dating rules are only guide lines, every couple is different. What works for one couple does not mean it will work for another couple.

    Bottom line is, get to know yourself and what you need in a relationship and you will be able to figure out very fast who is really interested in you and who is just looking to get in your panties.


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  • The only people I have ever hear repeat those stupid rules are women, that want to make other women feel like sluts. Men don't have those rules. Some guys want a woman that is very open sexually, and some men need a woman that takes a little longer to open up. It has nothing to do with rules, it is all about the personality of the guy you are dating. I for one don't feel comfortable having sex with a woman just as soon as I meet her.

    The only rule I do have about kissing is that if I don't get a kiss on the first date, then there will not be a second date. No kiss tells me, that she isn't interested and not to waste my time and affection chasing after someone that isn't interested. It doesn't need to be a big kiss. I just need something to know that I am not in the friend zone.

  • You're 20 - not 40. That's what men want at our age

  • ...whoever told you about those "rules" was trying to deceive you

  • It does, but the nice guys back off thinking you aren't interested.

    But the "bad boys" will forever keep going when they are interested in you.

    Why so many games?

    I personally hate it.



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