Guys, would you rather have girls come out and say they like you, or if they have one of their friends say it?

How would you want a girl to say that they like you? How would you react?


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  • If it's her friend...I would think she is either lying, making fun of me, or secretly likes me and wants to see my reaction.

    If the girl who liked me comes over here personally. I would kiss her right there.

    • would you have more respect for her if she was really shy and talked to you? What if you were already taken?

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  • I want to hear it out of the girls mouth, not threw her friends.

    I don't go for that friends thing, how do you know someone really said it or if the friends are telling you something because they think you and their friend would be good together.

  • i'd want her to say it. shows that she likes me enough to break that stereotype of guys always having to ask girls out. also I'd want her to just come right out and say that she has feelings for me and would like to give it a shot.


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  • When they have their friends say it for them, that's kind of childish or high school like.

    Even though some people may see is has cute, its still always better to hear it from the actual person.

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