If a guy doesn't say anything emotionally to you he's not into you, right?

Like I'm talking about when y'all are talking , and I say a lot of emotional stuff that I feel but he replies as " lol what" and sh*t and I don't think he's into me . At . All. . Am I right?


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  • You could be right. Either he is not into you or he could have a hard time expressing his feelings and he just doesn't have the right things to say. So he could also be shy. But from what you said your telling him how you feel and he is not being real to you on how he feels about you. If a girl tells me she likes me then it's either yes I like her or no I don't. It's not hard. He isn't taking it serious enough.

    • good answer, no matter how much I want him to take it serously he just won't :/

      should I be straight forward with him?

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    • Yai think he is afraid. Because we messaged back " what do you mean.? What did I say?" so I think it's getting there.

    • Ya so he might be afraid I hope he can be on the same page as you. You are right it seems like you guys are slowly getting their. Let me know what happens.

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  • I think you are overthinking all this. But in my opinion, I wouldn't even be interested in the guy if that's all her has to say to me. He seems kinda boring and dumb :P