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Let me begin by saying that this isn't the the first date I've ever been on with a girl just first time I've gone on one with a girl that I didn't have some idea of what she is like before hand... So I was out with some friends and one of the waitresses caught my eye. We'll when my friends noticed both of us smile at each other they decided to get her number for me, which she gave. So Friday night I called her and asked if she wanted to meet up. She said yes. Anyways since I was going to be gone over the weekend and she works nights except for a couple of days we agreed on wed. But at the time I wasn't sure of where we should meet so I said I'd give her a call or text on Monday on where to meet. Well its Sunday and I still have no ideas plus I don't know what she likes. I was thinking a hibachi place for dinner but didn't know if that would be over the top. I'd love to do something like mini golf but I live in a smallish town so we don't have really any of that. Or getting ice cream somewhere but didn't know if that would sound lame or be a bust since the only ice cream place we have is one of those yogurt places. Any thoughts asap would be greatly appreciated...thank you ahead of time.


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  • Girls typically remember their very first date so and you're under some pressure to make a first good impression. Honestly, it doesn't really matter where you take her. I particularly think the best first dates are the ones where you can actually talk. Too many people do these awesome crazy over the top first dates, only to find out a couple more down the road, that they really don't like the person.

    Keep it super simple. You have all the time to impress her, if you find that she's worth it. Taking her out for ice-cream sounds excellent to me. Shows you're decisive, and allows plenty of room of conversation for getting to know each other. Put a twist on it. Perhaps try several different flavors and make it special by naming her favorite one after her. Go for a walk somewhere scenic. My fondest memories of my first dates with my husband was literally driving around in the really fancy neighborhoods and getting a glimpse of the inside or awesome houses. Doesn't take much to impress a girl. Starting small allows you to:

    1. Set the bar low, so you can only build from there. Never want to peak to soon.

    2. Allows you the space to really talk and get to know each other. You cut right to meat of things so that you know right away where your feelings lie...

    Follow your gut, keep it simple. If this goes well, she'll remember being there with you above all else. That's all that matters.

    Happy dating...wish you luck in love!


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  • I think doing just about anything together will be good. The point is that you are doing something together, getting to know each other. It sounds like you have good ideas so far. You could also just text her and and give her a choice (we can either go ... or do this.. which one sounds the best?).

    You can do a movie, a picnic, a walk somewhere (after your ice cream or frozen yogurt), you can go to a park and play frisbee or something similar (a bike ride -- OK maybe not for a first date). If it's not too late, then a hike. You could go to a local event (live music, comedy show, art show?).

    Those are my ideas.

  • link I researched this for you. Have fun.


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