How often do you talk to your significant other?

I feel like I don't talk to my girlfriend enough... we text randomly throughout the day... with a few dates scattered... Its been about 3 weeks. I work a lot and don't feel like I'm there enough for her...


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  • Your gut is usually on point. Before I married my husband, we never spent a day without talking...and we haven't stopped. Talking is super under rated now with all the texting and social tools, but it is suuuuper important.

    Texting just doesn't cut it. You're either candid or guarded about what you say. When you talk, sometimes things slip, you get a better picture of how someone really thinks and feels.

    The more you speak to someone, the more layers of skin you pull off the onion. It's impossible to do any other way. Not being able to do this in a reasonable amount of time can cause you to waste a lot of time and energy because you find out all the things you don't like about each other, much, much later.

    You're saying you don't feel like you're there enough for her. I'd like to know if "she" would like increased contact from you? If you really want to figure this out, you'll "both" have to work at finding a way to talk more. Even if it's for 10 minutes everyday, find a way to make it happen. Maybe you guys need to set up a specific time for your daily, 10 minute talk and the rest can be of course text. Get that conversation flowing. It really does matter. I know you're young, but time flies and there's no point in wasting any of it.

    I wish you luck in love!


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  • I talk to my boyfriend pretty much constantly all day every day and we hang out at least once a week. We don't go on "dates" once a week, just hang out. We go on dates maybe once a month.

  • If you guys live close together then you should be seeing each other everyday or multiple times a week. I talk to my boyfriend everyday even if it's just for a few minuets. We just hang around and keep the other company while they're home. Just make an effort to set aside more time for her so you can be there enough. Even when you're busy and apart just send her a quick text or a quick phone call to let her know she's on your mind.

  • when I had a boyfriend, if I did not see him that day he would at least shoot me a goodnight text. but the most we ever went without communicating was 2 days.

    so I think you have some communicating to catch up on good sir.


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