What should I do about him? He's really unreliable?

When I usually see my boyfriend in person, he's sweet and awesome and funny and everything goes perfectly and we get along really well too. But then when I text him and ask him to hang out he's very unreliable. Plans with him are never definite, and always really iffy which drives me crazy. Also on a few occasions I'll text him and he'll completely ignore my text.

And it's all so confusing because he's great whenever I see him, but then when it comes to making plans with him and texting him he's really unreliable.

What should I do about it?


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  • As sad as it may sound, probably move on. Being unreliable is a not a good sign. He will continue to be so in the future and will drive you crazy. There's just one comment though. If you make plans using texting only, this may not be truly indicative of his unreliability. Some people handle texting in a very different way from face-to-face conversations. You have to make sure that he breaks promises given to you in person. Then you can decide.

    Besides, as I found out recently, SMS (text messages) are not guaranteed to be delivered. Sometimes, they simply do not come through. So, just don't jump to conclusions.

    Also, written exchanges, voice calls and seeing someone face-to-face contribute to three different models in the human brain. You have to spend more time together and talk in order for these three images to form a single image.

    • Also depends on the phones mine was f***ed.. and certain people couldn't text me I couldn't text certain people love my new iphone tho.

    • It happens all the time everywhere. SMS was originally conceived as a tool for technicians. It was not meant for the users, least of all to develop relationships and set up dates. There's something wrong with written language anyway. A lot is missed and you frequently arrive at incorrect conclusions. We are visual beings, we need to see each other.

  • While texting is different you seem to be the one trying mainly, it wil drive you crazy in the future I can guarantee that.


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