Should I go to homecoming with him?

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about homecoming but there's this guy who's going to ask me. At least I'm pretty sure he is. He's going to be a senior and I'm going to be a junior. All of his friends tell me that he likes me and that he's going to ask me and I really like him too but I just get nervous around him. I feel like he'd get bored of me and it'd be awkward since we're not really friends anyway but I don't want to turn him down and say no either. It just seems like it's a lot more stress-free when you go with your friends. What should I do? :/


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  • Go with him! You can go to many things in life with your friends but you only have one homecoming so make it count by going with the guy you like! It would be a major regret if you turn him down. On the evening it would be natural that you'll be nervous but it should go away after a while.

    • Thanks, you're right, I would definitely regret it if I didn't!

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