Why wasn't this appropriate?

I have a very attractive cousin. She's 25 and I'm 23. We live 4 hours apart and I don't think we're blood related. I'm not sure..Anyway, we see each other every year for the 4th at the "family reunion" and she always looks fabulous. Even when she was 16, 9 years ago when we started doing the family reunion, she looked amazing. The house we go to has a pool. A very nice pool at that (but that's aside the point). She came out in a "onesy" (one piece) and quoted her mom saying "you can't wear that two piece, it's not exactly appropriate" (granted it was a V.S. swimsuit. She has a boyfriend by the way...

And if it makes a difference, there are little kids there as well.


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  • her mom is probably just conservative.

    Not gonna lie, as I was reading this description I thought you were going to say you are in love with your cousin. "She's not blood related" "very attractive, always has been" "we live 4 hrs apart" "she has a bf" hahaha I thought you had a crush on her...

    are you sure you don't like her?

    Her mom is prob just overprotective and doesn't want her daughter revealing too much at a family get together.

    • I agree with Jackie over here... It sounds like you have it in for cuz, and I'm might add... you're pissed off that she wasn't allowed to show you what you wanted to see... It sounds like her mom knows something... LMAO! Your so busted dude!

    • I'm glad you all agree with me! ha ha I thought I was crazy after I found out you just wanted opinions on the bathing suit. I thought you meant it was inappropriate to like your non-blood related cousin lol.

    • I don't have a crush on her. I'm just physically attracted to her

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  • lol seems like you have a crush on her.

  • if there were men around, all they think is sex, when they see a body like that. So yes it's better for everyone to have her wear at least one piece.

  • sounds like her mom is just kind of a prude. maybe the particular swimsuit she wanted to wear made her boobs or her butt stick out too much or something, who knows.

  • Probably for the same reason you don't wear clubbing clothes (for females, short skirts and low cut tops) to your grandmother's birthday party. It's about respect I would think. That's probably what her mom is thinking.

    • yeah but it's just a bathing suit. I think the mom needs to lighten up. Girls wear bikinis. Get over it. lol

  • I don't really get your question now, why wasn't what appropriate? Her two piece?

    • Maybe her mom doesn't like her daughter to "flaunt" and doesn't like her to show her body that way. It's like saying "dear, just cover yourself up". Even if it is a family reunion, she might be afraid her daughter would give the vibe of slut or something because she's wearing a two piece and her mom might find a one piece more suitable for the occasion and company.

  • Depends on the cut of the two piece and the familiarity of everyone present. If kids are around she may have been concerned about the example she is setting.

  • Because it's too revealing? My parents won't let me wear stuff like that around my male cousins.


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  • Sounds like mom is over reacting.

    I have an aunt like that, she thinks everything is to reveling and the males in the family are going to lose it because a female show a little skin. She get crazy when it come to bikini season, she goes off about a full cut bikini bottom, but does not say a word about booty shorts that are cut higher than a full cut bikini bottom.

    As for the little kids, if you do not point out things to them. They do not notice anything, they get together and do their own thing.

  • Overprotective and conservative...I live in Texas.