I don't know why she is trying to push me away lately?

So I met this girl a few months back at my work, we got to talk and she wanted to add me on Facebook. We started talking a bit more and found out that we have a lot in common. She used to mention that how awesome it was that we had a lot in common and she literally liked all my Facebook posts.

as time passes by we went to some concerts and one of them was a concert of her friends band.

untill this moment I thought she liked me but lately she became distant to me and it feels like she wants to discontinue the friendship.

I like this girl a lot but the reason I hadn't asked her out yet for a real date is because I found out that she has a long time crush on the singer from her befriended band. It's not a regular musician crush she actually wants to date him, but he doesn't feel the same. Now the guy told her he doesn't have the time so now she is waiting for him to have time to date her...

I don't know why she is trying to push me away lately? In the beginning I thought she liked me but knowing that she has a crush on someone else makes me scared to ask her out because I don't want to be rejected. again.

What should I do?


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  • youll save a lot of anxiety, just by asking her straight up.

    • any ideas of how to put it? or just straight forward "I notice you're being distant lately, anything wrong?"?

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