If a guy really loves you & breaks up with you but still is in love with you, will he come back?

My boyfriend broke up with me because he wasn't sure if we would ever get married? I'm not planning on it for years but he is still in love with me , so my questions

is that something that a guy goes through when in a serious relationship? is it normal? will he come back to me?

  • He most likely will want you back
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  • He will move on to another girl soon
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  • Was just an excuse he really doesn't love you
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  • Just needs time because a serious relationship is a lot in only 5 months
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I love him very much but not ready for marriage but I can't think of anyone else I would rather be with.
he is not ready either he said he was thinking about years down the line. He got scared a few months back when we were hanging out one night I said I love you I want to marry you one day.I do want to


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  • It sounds like he just said that he loved you just to keep the relationship going. But it's hard to say. There's a good chance you scared him off because he doesn't feel as strong about you as you do about him. But honestly just from these small descriptions the answers you're gonna get from questions like these aren't going to be too reliable. Use your own judgment. The only reliable and sound advice I can give you is just to move on with your life (he left you after all) and focus on furthering your own life and being happy without needing him in order to be happy. Further/improve your career/studies if you have them, or just improve your personal life, but really, don't rely on this guy to keep happy. Obviously this must be heartbreaking for you if you really loved him that much. I know how you must feel. But well, if this guy comes back, great; if not, you need to move on. It'll be tough, but use other things to keep your mind off of him. Hang out with friends often, and further your career if you have one and stuff. Try not to think of him too much, because if you do, it will be painful and you won't get much from it. Wait until you're emotionally stable to start thinking about him and try and find your peace with the situation; for now, keep your mind off of him and keep happy without him. Don't worry about asking questions like this, because one, you won't know the answer until he does or does not come back, and two, it really doesn't matter anyway, because even if you do love him a lot, you shouldn't rely on anyone to keep happy.


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  • If you told him you were serious about it and wanted marriage there is a good chance.


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  • C, possibly B too.

    Your question was a bit confusing but from what I understand he's not serious about you. I don't think it's very likely he'll be coming back. It doesn't sound like he feels the same way about you that you do about him.

  • i don't think you should break up, if you're happy 'now'. I don't understand why people give up what they have now, for what they may or may no, not hve later.

    • Because they actually want more, and at some point they figure they're not actually waiting for the other person to be ready, its just that the other person doesn't want what they do.

    • Hes not sure about them, in the future. that's differnt than he said he wants to now, & she's no

      that sounds more like he's not sure how he feels.

      I took it as he's not actually happy now, & using future as an excuse. as apposed to being happy now, & wanting to be with her in the future.

      if she said my boyfriend wants to get married soon. I don't for a long time. he left. will he come back. id have said, 'no,he wont. nor should he.'

      but that's not what she said. I'm guessing there's a reason for that.