Would your feelings get the best of you or not?

You are on a date with a girl/guy who you have known for a long time. You guys tried to date at one time; didn't work out for one reason or another. You run into them again they look better than ever; would you try to date them again?


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  • I might not even acknowledge I've seen the person until he makes an effort to come talk to me. When I'm done, I'm done, and it doesn't matter how good he's looking or how much he's missed me or how lonely I am.

    I can do nice, and I can say hi. I can even carry on a pleasant conversation and ask all the right questions about his life since I left, but in the end, I'm still absent and it's all I'll ever be.

    Things didn't work out, obviously that was for a reason. If it was a silly, insignificant reason, then things wouldn't have taken so long to pick back up again. He could be everything I think I want at that point and I'll still say no.

    • I understand fully what you are saying. Everything does happen for a reason obviosuly their was a reason it didn't work out the first time.

      However for me it sometimes doesn't matter how strong I want to be I always try to find the good in somebody...

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    • LOL... I love your line...I have to pee like a racehorse...;). Thank you very much...

    • Haha, well thank you for awarding me Best Answer :)

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  • If the other person is willing too then why wouldn't you try again?


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  • Lol you asked the question an hour ago and got two answers and you already signed the best answer... ?

    Anyway, if you both like each other and felt butterflies again or somehow feel like you should give it a try then why not.. But don't expect him to have changed that's for sure yet don't assume that you know him because he might have changed... And most importantly don't date the guy again just because of his looks...

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