Double the trouble, is it worth it?

I was seeing this guy T and he said he always waits 2 months to decide if he wants to pursue a relationship. It had been 2 months and he told me he would be moving away soon.

I assumed that meant we should not pursue things because honestly neither of us want long distance relationships. I congratulated him on his move and told him I was cool with us being just friends.

Then about a week later I went out with B a guy that I have known for a while. I want to start dating B but I feel bad about it...

also T is a photographer that I have done some artistic modeling for, nothing revealing but still.

If you were B would you be mad?

should I tell T that we can't hang out so much once B and I get more serious?

any opinions would be helpful


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  • 1. you seem to be a very nice girl

    2. you shouldn't feel bad about dating B

    3. if you were B you shouldn't be mad or else you are needy

    4. you won't need to talk to T about hanging out because he wil be away anyway


    • 1 thanks how did you decide that? 2 and 3 he is really shy though and I don't want to scare him off or have him think I am not interested. 4 that makes sense

      thanks a lot

    • 1. just the way of expressing your emotions .. I guess :)

      2. this is something between you and yourself .. B has nothing to do with it

      3. if its worth it .. don't mention T as an ex or even a friend

      4. totally makes sense

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