Turned him down...MISTAKE?!?

Last month I met this guy...in a club where me and my friends sometimes go, the guy who is working behind the bart is the most handsome guy that I know.

I know he is a player I never saw him with anybody bus I was just assuming that because he looks so good works at the most popular club in town and he is also a little arrogant...

Well he came up to me... gave me his number and asked if I wanted to go with him when he was done with work,

He told me how beautiful I was blabla you know the way guys talk.

I asked him what he wanted to do after ( 5 pm when he finished work so I was ready for bed ) and I'm not the kind of girl who sleeps with a guy like that...

he said it was a surprise so I refused he got a little annoyed and said OK...my friend later went up to him and asked him what he wanted to do with me and she said that his answer was : I'll take her home...So my friend got in an argument with him saying that that would never happen...

Well since that night he kept looking at me every night, I kind of ignored him cause I wasn't into being used by him...

after like 4 nights in the club he came up to me again and said :

You shouldn't act so arrogant... don't stick your nose so high up in the air... I looked at him and told him he didn't know me at all

Why was this guy getting so upset?

and why did he keep looking at me 24/7 when I was there he didn't leave me out of his sight I saw it and all my friends too

did I make a mistake by turning him down

In August I'm going back to the place where he works... I'm wondering if I should go for it or keep it how it is and just ignore him some more...

sorry for my bad English I'm from Sweden and tried to write as good as I can

Wondering if he is gonna persue me again next month... have to think about how I will react then


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  • He told your friend he wanted to take you home. So yea he prob figures since he's handsome and works in a popular club he would just add you to his list of women he banged. He's prob not used to being turned down so that's most likely why he got upset. I'd just still ignore him but don't make it obvious that you are doing so

    • yeah I guess I will do that ill go back next month and just act like I don't know him

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    • Just my idea! I'm gonna wait how he is gonna act,if he asks me to do something nice like a dinner or a drink I will go with him and see what is going on but if he keeps being arrogant and thinks I will go with him to his home he is so wrong

      I forgot to say when he asked me if I wanted to go with him I said I don't know... you know how he reacted ? : Just said yes or no! l ike really ?!

    • Wow sounds like he's impatient and doesn't handle rejection well. Curious as to how he will be when you see him again. And if he does ask you to go with him just ask " what do youwant to do?" then his answer will confirm your decision.

  • Bara ignorera honom. Han ville bara få dig I säng!

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