Has anyone thought they were fed up with a relationship but really wasnt?

i been with this guy for over 6 years and every time I say I'm done and won't call him no more I end up doing it I be fed up at the moment but not entirely. I usually think at the moment I'm tired of everything and done. its the arguing I'm tired of but I'm not fed up with it because this relationship has more to it than giving up for has anyone experienced a relationship they felt they was fed up but is still with the person?


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  • Yes I was in that situation with my ex. We fought all the time and he made me feel like I could never do anything right. I broke up with him twice but ended up going back. I hated how I felt in the relationship but at the same time I still loved him and didn't want to leave. He would always appologize and swear he would change and I took him back twice, but things never changed, not for long anyway. The third time I broke up with him I promised myself I wouldn't take him back. I stuck with that promise and I'm so glad I did because now I have the most amazing boyfriend. I wish I could go back in time and slap myself lol. It's not worth it, if you're feeling this way it's time to go.

  • yes, I'm in that faze now. I'm tired of my emotions towards the relationship and the irrational and depression that I get, when I know things won't change but you love him. To separate it's hard from your loved one.

    • im in the same EXACT situation I always yell I'm done but end up coming back we use to do that a lot but I let my emotions get to me when things don't get my way...things suppose to go females way anyway

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