Should I be the one who is mad or does he have the right to be?

I have been texting this guy for 2 months straight and we were getting to know each other with the occasional flirting. I had told him that my friends and I were going on a vacation and our way home we should meet up with him so I can meet him for the first time. I had been texting him throughout the week and he had been telling me how excited he was to finally hang out. when the day finally I had been texting him to make sure that we were still going to meet up. he had told me yes we were but that he was going to take a nap first. so I texted him before my friend and I had left asking where to meet up and no response. then my friend and I meet in his town and waited for about an hour for him to reply, but still no response. then about 8 hours later he texted me telling me that he was so sorry and that if I was mad he'd understand if I didn't want to talk to him anymore. I told him that I wasn't mad but I was kinda bummed out and I said we could try to hang out again. and he said he'd really like too. I also said he has to try harder next time and he said he did try. and then I got to response back. the next day he texted me happy fourth of July, but I had to turn my phone off because there was no service at the beach I was at and so I texted with a late reply and all he said was OK. so should I be mad that he did that when he was the one who pretty much didn't show up to hang out or does he have some right to be mad and stop talking to me? I can't get myself to delete out texting conversations. should I text him to get closure and ask why we don't talk anymore or should I let it be?


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  • Sigh, when you can't text them back you say 'sorry was at the beach no service! :('

    Little things like explaining why save so much drama and sh*t later on, anyway you have a right to be mad (not taking WHY he couldn't meet you into account) texting you back 8 hours later seems retarded but you should have asked why certain ways you can word it depending what message you want to send. He probably figured your late response was passive agressive and judging by 'OK' in response to your, abnormal? late response may be he feels like you are just pissed off at him, may have been waititng the next few days to text him if you were over it or something idk. Probably should text him and try.

    Anyway, always say sorry couldn't reply due to work/boss yelling/no reception etc.

    Also if you drive all the way there and wait you have the right to ask a simply, why couldn't you meet us anyway? Try not to make it sound like "IM SO F***ING ANGRY WHAT IS SO BUSY THAT YOU COULDN'T YOU MEET US!?!?!"


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