I had a very bad reaction to a romantic gesture, what do I do now?

The person I'm dating asked the musicians to play a love song for me and he dedicated it to me.

Rationally I realize that he meant well, but I couldn't help reacting negatively. I just got so angry.

I stormed out of the venue and burst into tears when nobody was around me to see cry.

Needless to say I don't normally behave this way.

I don't know what to make of this and how to explain or justify it to him.

UPDATE: truth is, I have no positive dating experiences so far. Whenever a guy flirted with me and I flirted back (I assumed the guy was expressing interest) it went wrong. My attempts at dating were never successful. Always unrequited. Got stood up more than once. I was "courted" for months by one dude but it turned out he was doing it to boost his own ego.
I feared his gesture was insincere too, that it would lead to yet another humiliation and disappointing experience. I was like: "how far is this guy actually going to push it?". That's why I reacted that way. I couldn't help it.

I really like the guy by the way.

But how on earth do I explain myself?


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  • Do you like this guy? Not just as a friend?

    • Yes, I do like him. I don't see him as a friend only.

    • I think you probably need to tell him the truth. It's awkward but not as awkward as no explanation. Basically what I gathered is part of you couldn't accept it was real and genuine, and felt it was like a big joke at your expense.

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  • Beg the question: WHY were you angry?

  • If you have any explenation for than just tell him cause now he'll think that you don't like him like that.


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