Does this guy seem genuine?

Does it seem like this guy is genuine?

We have been out a couple of times. He has been texting. Always initiates. The second time after we got back from the date which was great, we fooled around a bit but did not have sex. Although he tried. LoL. Glad we did not but. When he left we kiss then have the most amazing hug afterwards.

Also got sent a text with photo he found on his phone that he took of us together the first night we met.

I was surprised hear from him today. He sends a text telling me 'morning beautiful just wishing you a good day and wanting to put a smile on your face.'


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  • You two seem a little quick by my standards. That would alert me mildly, especially in the guy. But aside from that I don't see nothing wrong here. Seems genuine.


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  • Not really, it seems like his intentions are to woo you for something you denied him from having before. :P He's moving too fast and you're letting him... so... what do you want from a relationship?

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