I asked him if he sees me in his future and he said he is not sure?!! I need answers please.......

So today I asked my long distance boyfriend through text if he sees me in his future, his replies were:

Am not sure baby 0O

I have to organize my life first lol

Babe when I plan my future I will tell you

I understand he doesn't know where his life is headed and he might move for a new job etc.. he's been looking for a job for over a year and we Haven't seen each other for a while because we can't afford it at the moment, am freelancing right now and its not going very well...

This bothers me alot... Why are we in a long distance relationship if you re not sure if am in your future or not?! Am really sad that he is not sure because I love him like crazy and I can't picture my future without him in it...

To top it off he never says I love you back because he doesn't believe in words and think we should express our feelings through actions and says just because he doesn't say it doesn't mean he doesn't feel it.

Am I over reacting for getting upset and should I just wait and see where the wind takes us... Or is this a big deal?


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  • You are possibly overreacting some, but it does sound like you are way more serious about being together than him. It sounds like he wants to get his sh*t together before he is ready to commit; not a bad idea, but you are obviously not a "must-have" in his future...at least not yet.

    • Exactly ... If am not a Must Have then what am I?

    • I told him am disappointed that you don't see me in your future because I see you in mine, never mind thanks for being honest etc he sent me a message saying Oh Lordy...

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  • He's been looking for a job for over a year and we Haven't seen each other for a while"

    I've been in a situation like that.

    We met at Uni, then got out of Uni, masters degree, I was waiting for compulsory military draft, then drafted, thus no income but a number of short time jobs (no employer would hire someone who hadn't done his military service then), soldiers pay after that thus, while my wife started her career and earned a beginners wage at 40 Mi from where I was. I was only a few weekends a month off duty.

    No financial help from my parents.

    We waited until I got finally discharged. I took the first job I could find on my level (which was an error, I should have compared the offers of a few employers first, I could have had a better wage)

    Two weeks after I started working we married.

    Three months earlier we weren't talking about marriage yet. (but we were wearing a kind of engagement rings , without ceremonial engagement- my wife's not so subtle hint ;-))

    His situation is uncertain in his eyes and I'd suppose he wants to find a decent job first.

    Of course a long distance relationship complicates it even more: nothing propinx like propinquity ( link


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