So I texted her and nothing???

I was texting this girl and I didn't talk to her for a week and then I texted her one day and nothing so I waited like three days and then texted her and nothing. So what should I do? I haven't texted since. Like Thursday.


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  • I would move on since she obviously isn't interested anymore. At least for me when I like a guy I try to text back as soon as possible.


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  • this lack of self respect never ceases to amaze me.

    why would you send her another message if she didn't respond to first one? can you explain me this, pal?

    if she doesn't reply it's over. it's over. period.

    so, move on. nothing there for you.

    • Sometimes she is busy and forgets to text back. But I waited for 3 days so what ever I guess.

    • this is the problem, my friend;

      if you were brad pitt, do you think she would "forget" to respond? do you think she would be so "busy" she couldn't take 1min off?

      please. get real dude. stop rationalizing.

      if woman IS interested in you in ANY way, she WILL respond. period. even if you don't text her, she will text you. and if she doesn't she's NOT interested.

      never push her if she doesn't respond. never send double texts, never try to call her, never message her over fb. remember that. for life.

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