What to do when there's the 3rd in the picture?

So this is the story in short. I have a boyfriend of two years and now I met a guy who was my classmate in school and casually we meet each other in the streets and every time I get butterflies. I haven't told my boyfriend yet but I feel a little bit guilty. I don't know whether to text to this guy or not. I mean it's not gonna get serious but I'm so curious about him.


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  • Are you so sure it isn't going to get serious? It sounds like you just want a blessing to start emotionally cheating on your boyfriend, then hope it doesn't go anywhere. I can see where this is heading.

    Do you love your boyfriend? If so, then don't communicate with this other guy. It is obvious that if you have butterflies that you feel something for him, and there's no way to split affections for two or more people without cheating. Don't do it.

    Now, if you no longer love your boyfriend, do the honorable thing and break up with him, or talk with him and see if you can make your relationship better. If there's no saving the relationship, break up and then feel free to chase this former classmate of yours.

    There's no middle ground.

    • I love him to death. I mean you live together and stuff. We have a great relationship. He's just more than a boyfriend but this guy's so pretty and he does something very cute and I don't know what to to really. I sure don't have some special feeling for him. But I really want to text him something tedious like "hey" "what's up". I don't feel like it's gonna be a cheat but for my boy it definitely will be.

    • Your conscious is guilty, whether you realize it or not. Why would you need to ask this question if there was "nothing wrong" with talking with the other guy? He's obviously more than a "friend". Girls don't gush about how "pretty" and "cute" some guy is.

      Lets imagine your boyfriend has a really hot female friend that shows up out of blue and starts gushing how hot he is, then just starts texting/calling him WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE. You'd be perfectly okay with this right? Think about that.

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  • You and your boyfriend lose the spark?

    • No we have the spark. It's more of a fire than a spark. He's my closest person.

    • So things aren't strained with him?

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  • Thedigitalsaint couldn't have said it clearer. If you start talking to this other guy it is emotional cheating. You need to decide whether or not you love your boyfriend and go from there. Cheaters never prosper.