What do you do if your first kiss with your new boyfriend was bad?

See he was like come here I want a kiss like right after we decided to be a couple. and well I told him he wasn't romantic. so he was trying to find romantic ideas with his guy friends and all. well he was asking me all day and I just hugged him goodbye. but today he said he wanted a good morning kiss. so I said one minute. then I turned around and I said well are you going to kiss me. and we had like huge grape vines between us and well as we looked at each other and reached across the vine. I noticed a guy was staring at us. and I have like a FEAR of somebody watching me while I kiss. and well I kissed the side of his mouth like a peck and then his lips started really kissing mie. and I don't know if I bit my lip or he bit my lip but it all happened so fast. and I just feel like it was HORRIBLE, I mean I'm a great kisser I've been told but omg this is freaking me out. because he use to bug me about kissing me but now he hasn't said one word and I'm scared he will tell everybody that I'm a bad kisser..which I'm NOT.


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  • In golf there's a term, called a Mulligan - it means a do-over. Probably the only thing about golf I like. Never played.

    You should give the guy a Mulligan and/or ask for one yourself, depending on how he feels about it. The first time is not always the best time. People meld their kissing to one another, and after a while, nearly perfect it. These are the people you see kissing everywhere, all the time, and hate for PDA.

    They don't care, though, because they've developed a highly satisfying kissing "dance." One of you will lead into it, the other follows their moves, and you start this conversation with your mouths that speaks volumes. Someone has to start the kiss - but not always, once in a while neither has any idea who kissed who. Anyway. Someone starts it, the other gets kissed, then kisses back, you know the deal. You say you're a great kisser. So don't worry about him telling everyone otherwise. It's not like running for Miss America. I've never skipped on asking someone else out because anybody had bad news about them.

    Any quality guy is going to go out with you because he likes you.

    • Well he's mexican and only speaks very little English and we have been flirting with each other for 3 weeks but have been going out for 2 days. and well he got mad at me today for working with other guys. and I asked him if he wanted me to work with him then..and he said no thanks. and I was like...haha okay. why does he get jelous and mad at me for with somebody else but he don't want me to work with him? I don't get it. this is like the3time he got mad. but I don't talk when he flirts with girls

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    • the very next day he was like.Helo Baby:) and I was ignoring him and he wl why you mad?and I saidno estas contigo. and he freaked out. and every time he would talk tome I would say that. and well he got a translator and he was like. why are you mad at me? and I said well he was pickng with another girl and and plus he said that he wasn't with me.and then the translator said that he was talking about the other girl.that he wasn't with the other girl.we are together andwehave kissed and it was good:)

    • Then it should have sounded something like "No estoy con ella" or "Ella no esta conmigo" or "no esta conmigo" so, if you misheard it, cool.

      I love it when cultures come together.

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