When it comes to guys wanting to hang out?

How often do they ask?

Because I find that my boyfriend never seems too excited to hang out, and he'll bail on our plans a lot of the time because of different reasons. Also when it comes to when we hang out we have a blast, so I don't see why he wouldn't want to hang out with me? We get along really well and laugh a lot together and I don't do anything annoying I just like being with him, but then it comes to going out with him and he's really weird about it, either indecisive or he'll take rain checks or bail, even if its really fun when we hang out and every thing is perfect with him when I see him.

So I don't understand what's going on?


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  • Maybe he wants to break up id say confront him and if you break up its not the end of the world. Your young there's plenty of other guys that will treat you better.

    • But that'd make no sense because we have tons of fun when we're together and nothing goes wrong with us, it's just fun and we kiss a lot and he'll even say things like how he likes being with me

    • Maybe its because of summer

    • Okay, you're making no sense.

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  • how old are you because 16&up have different views

  • In the summer people break up because they want to have fun and be free