When would you get possessive over a girl? Is it a good thing?

Lol so I've been dating this guy for over a month now.. Things are going pretty good and last night I told him I was over at a friends place and he replied back 'you mean your boyfriends place?' and I relied 'what If I did say that?' and he replied back saying 'don't ask, I don't wanna sound too possessive'

- so Does that mean he is possessive over me though? Is that a good thing or too early for 'possessiveness' lol ? Guys hen would you feel possessive towards a girl?


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  • I feel possesive about every girl I meet and I resent their husbands if they are married! Guys naturally feel possessive and have to fight the tendency, as you see here!

  • Asking whether or not you have a boyfriend is hardly "possessive"

    ..and how come he still isn't clear about it after a month of dating?

    • Um.. Sorry, I must not have made it clear, he knows I don't have a boyfriend - he was just joking about it...

    • Alright.. well it seems quite strange, why would he 'joke' such way knowing it?

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