I feel like a yoyo but I love him? Guys, what should I do?

So there's this guy I've liked for almost about 2 years now, to be exact it's been 1&1/2 years. So anyways, I really like him & I can name a few reasons why: He's smart. He's mature. He basically just knows his sh*t. He can be nice but of course if you mess with him, he'll turn into an a**hole just like a girl will turn into a complete bitch if you mess with her. He's funny & knows perfectly how to make anyone smile & laugh.

Last summer, exactly about a year ago he asked me out, through a song , Alex English by Dance Gavin Dance to be exact & there's these lyrics that say "we should f***ing be together" & after that part was sung he stopped the song & asked me what the lyric was & I was oblivious to what he was doing & he got mad that I didn't understand that he was trying to ask me out & so he left, but told me he'd ask me out again ...soon.

Well, I waited then all of a sudden in December, he was acting like an a**hole so I called him an a**hole & we stopped talking for 6 months until we ran into each other at Graduation. He was quite happy to see me :) & he got my new number that night 'cause he asked for it & we were back to texting & talking on the phone all day & all night every day / every night.

So here's my problem, I know a relationship can't really work if two people can't always see each other. I currently live 30-45 minutes away from the guy I like & I'm getting my license in August, not sure about a car yet, either way, here's what I'm thinking, I'm thinking that once I get my driver's license & can actually drive to go see him, I'm hoping things would work out between us & we could just be together, but then there are days I think, "How could ANYTHING work between us?"

See, because there are days when we talk to each other on the phone & everything's good, you know? We'll talk about the future & everything, & he makes it sound like he really wants me, like I'll actually have a chance to be with him, but then other days, it's like "Why tf do I talk to you?" Because sometimes, he likes to be an ass & talk about other girls that I know for a fact ARE way prettier than me & just flawless in every way. I've seen the girls he talks to, & on these days I just feel like I'm not good enough for him & that I never will be, honestly I feel like that ALL THE TIME. I feel like he's too good for me & I'm trying everything to get on his level & be everything that he likes, a pretty skinny outgoing girl. & ha, also, you know sometimes he basically tells me that we wouldn't last long in a relationship because I f*** up. A lot. Well, apparently I do.

& it's like "Why do I keep hoping that anything will happen when he makes me feel like I'm useless & just not good enough for him?" Like I feel I have to be someone else just to please him, but then, like I said there's good days when everything's just fine, my question is if this keeps happening should I move on & forget about him or what? I feel like a yoyo but I 'love' him D; I'm so blind&lost.


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  • u elllllyou that you are worthy of so much more, which is true, you have talent, it won't go un noticed, but your emotions are asking, why can't you get him and why are you not good enough, and to answer that, you have to prove to yourself that you are good enough by chasing him and getting to be with him which will prove to you that you are as good as these other girls, but you need to realize that the only reason it won't happen is because your better than he is worth, your more than these other girls could wish to be, but your so insecure that your the one with the flaws not them, so you need to raise your game and go for something worthy of you, and with what I read, its 10 of the guy you have chosen as someone really special, because there no way he is worthy of your talents, but your worthy of 10 of him, you do the maths, don't sell yourself short,x


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