Does she still have feelings for me? Do I still have feelings for her?

Me and my ex split up nearly a month ago. We both love each other deeply. But thought it was for the best.

Few days ago after she rang me and text when I didn't reply saying she misses me. I eventually rang her back and we had a conversation about her weekend as it was her birthday.

During then phone conversation she told he she was really horny I said so was i. We said goodnight and ended the call.

The next day I sent a message saying when you told me you were horny lastnight was it a hint or were you just talking.

She replied I think deep down we both know it would never work between us.As much as I'd love to be friends with you I thinks its a bit too soon. Maybe in a few months take care.

I replied I was just talking about sex. I know we both know it wasn't going to work.The friends with benefits might.

She said she will think about it and then eventually agreed to come to mine the next evening.

She made rules which we both agreed which were

1.No talking about relationships

2. No saying the L word

3. Nobody is too know

Then she said I better not of have sex with someone else then have sex with her or else she would kill me. ( I haven't)

She came round and we had amazing sex as we normally did.

When she left she text me saying sorry she got upset was all a bit weird for her at first, she's all good now.

got a bit emotional after we had sex so we cuddled.

I replied don't worry about getting upset, you was amazing as usual thou.

She replied its just dawned on me that its been a month nearly and I started thinking what the f*** am I doing. Anyways I came round in the end. I smell of sex.

I replied did you enjoy it? if it was too weird and uncomfortable you shouldn't do it but I liked it. Would you do it again?

She replied I did enjoy it but not sure at the moment well see. Good night x

Does she still have feelings for me?

Do I still have feelings for her?

I did enjoy seeing her and being with her that night.


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  • you both are kidding yourselfs, especially her. you both like and are into each other sexually, so unless you get to the bottom of the problem to function well together, it will blow up again and it will hurt even more.


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  • bad idea.. I've been there before and you guys definitely still have feelings for each other. You're just dragging it on, either get back together or forget it

    • You've been in this situation before..what was the end result and how did you approach the situation

    • i dragged it on..and I still talked to and hung out with the other person. It was a false hope and in hindsight we knew we werent right for each other. I eventually was proactive about dating and met someone else and stopped talking to my ex. You need to cut that person out of your life for at LEAST 6 mos before you could consider "being friends again" but even that in my opinion is a bad idea

  • You obviously stil want each other.

    Why exactly did you both think, breaking up, was for the best?

    • She thought it more than me, I tried to get back with her she said she was only doing that was best.then eventually I agreed with her. She thinks she can never trust me again but I need to try and convince. How do approach it to her at the moment.

    • Why did she think it was best. What actually happened. for ex. why did she lose trust in you?

    • She says it for the best because she thinks we argued a lot and didn't get on with each other. But she told me yesterday on the phone before we split she could see us getting married etc. she told me some private stuff about people she works with. When split I kind of told her to give me back a gift I got her or else I would tell people the private stuff. I regret saying but I was angry and very upset about the split at the time. No she thinks she can't tell private stuff anymore.

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  • Then she said I better not of have sex with someone else then have sex with her or else she would kill me. ( I haven't)

    what about her? do the same rule applies to her?

  • You both still have feelings for each other. You may not of used the " L word" but cuddling sure made it like you did. This situation will not work with her. Figure out how to iron out the problem of why you broke up in the 1st place so you can have a functioning loving relationship.