I wanna ruin him.. am I bad?

okay I posted this story a few days ago

i am gonna tell you briefly.

i met this guy at a club we met 3 times and he texted me

would you beg to have sex with me and my friend and I said no

then he replied he was joking he was betting on what I am gonna say...

and I should forget this douche but I can't

i wanna tell the whole world he is a sick man.

am I bad?

Because I was treated like a cheap hoe i_i


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  • I do not see why you would honestly care about what some guy who you are never going to see again tried to hook up with you. You are going to find that most guys you meet at clubs at there looking for actions and are not there to be your friend, start some relationship or be nice to you. They want to get it in and get it done with as many girls as they can get. They understand they will strike out more often than not and are willing to take risks and make a d*** of themselves in the chance that something will stick.

    Good on you for saying no to him and putting you and your friend in a position you obviously wouldn't have felt comfortable in by yourself. You are not a bad person for wanting to show the world what a creeper he is but reality is, we already know.


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  • As I understand it this guy asked if you'd beg to have sex with him and HIS friend..right? then HIS friend texted and said 'sorry' but his friend is an a-hole..?

    not that the distinction about who's friend it was makes a difference, I'm just trying to remember the question w/o having to look back..so that's you right?

    Idk, people like that are seriously jerks, feel they are entitled to embarrass or malign others for their own sense of self aggrandizement. It's BS and it would be satisfying to put the a-hole in his place in front of a crowd...but it might well backfire and be more painful for you in the end when his 'friend' stands behind him..word against word ..'you were the slutty one' (according to them) unless you have and are willing to share the text msg's, how can you prove anything was said?

    totally up to you, good for you for sacking him! but as much as "ruining" him might be self satisfying...will it actually help to deter him from further BS? a jerk is a jerk!


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  • Just leave it. It doesn't mean your bad, wanting revenge is a normal feeling (for me though, lol). I wouldn't act on it if I were you. Just ignore him :)

    He just asked you a question, it's not like he played you or he cheated on you or anything... I don't see the harm, it's just a silly, stupid question to me :)

  • so all he did was attempt to get it in with you and your friend? I understand why you wouldn't do it! but is that suggestion seriously that offensive? its a jerky comment made by a jerk. let it go!